The Lion Insignia

[ Huì = Wisdom] – [ Dé = Moral] – [ Lián = Integrity]

[ Huì = Wisdom]
[ Dé = Moral]
[ Lián = Integrity]

Córps Magna
In Omnia Paratus, Invictus Maneo

Ready for anything, I remain unvanquished

Magna (adj); means the ultimate, the extreme height, the maximum

Every story has it’s beginnings; our humble beginnings started when opportunity brought us to one place where three of us met, coincidentally we share the same interest in fitness and like most of us all we want to pursue the infamous duo: Strength & Aesthetic.

Our bond & rapport strengthens as time passes. A friendship turned into; a group, a community and now? A creed of brothers & sisters whose sole purpose is to pursue our better self, not just in fitness but in life. Supporting one another unconditionally and pushing the limits of progression.

Through multiple trials & tribulations, we were kept busy from tinkering and developing an approach that is, not only flexible but yet reliable enough to not stifle the degree of efficacy in order to help ourself and our athletes’ progress in a structured plan that is based on science and has been proven time to time by the result. Fast forward to mid 2020, we evolved into a more integrated Data-Driven: Analysis & Training Methodology.

However, it is worthy to mention that: we as a collective coach, abstain from indoctrinating ourself with a particular training principal. We acknowledge that we do not understand everything. But our endeavour will still remain the same; we aim to always deliver more than what our client expect of themselves and we are proficient at what we do.

We are big in Coach to Athlete relationship as we believe that it holds the key to Elite level performance. Henceforth, our aim is to provide with our utmost effort and we believe that by consistent effort & the unconditional support dedicated, we can help you reach heights you never thought you would be able to.

We are but the same being with different prowess and flaws; so different, yet we resonate at the same frequency and our mission is to add another dimension to your life by actualising your true performance!

Join us and let’s embark on a journey to be the better you!


>> Córps Magna – Praxis & Optimisation (AUS) is an official registered business of the Fitness Community: ChinMi Training System(INA) <<<

ABN: 71 522 988 199

Founding Members

Our Services

With a Combined Experience of Over 20 Years in:

The goal of recomp is to reduce as much fat and put on as much muscle mass as possible within a given time frame. The leaner you are the better your overall performance will be.

We provide Nutritional guideline, meal by meal recommendation and calorie tracking for our clients. Training is important but the core to every progress is a superior diet coupled with optimum rest period.

We emphasise on building raw strength and overall functionality coupled with an intensive technique improvement on any lifts to produce a satisfying result.

Who will refuse a good looking physique on top of a good functionality? We help you work on your lagging muscles and we aim to build a balanced physique overall.

We want you to look good, feel good and perform good too! The goal is to deliver the best package while at the same reaching what you want!

We are more than certain that we can bring the best out of anyone who is willing to change themselves into the best form they can ever be! Rest be assured you will achieve your goals under our supervision and guidance.

Portfolio & Achievements


Pioneer Fitness & Life Development Community in Indonesia

Science based Methodology & Data-Driven Principles

The highest degree of Quality Assurance and Tested Quantitatively by numerous clients


Our Qualifications:

  1. [AFA] Cert III & IV in Fitness
  2. [Clean Health] STRENGTH SYSTEM International Coach – Level 1 & 2
  4. FAT LOSS for General Population


Our Athlete’s Hall of Fame:

1st Drug Tested Athlete to total 10x Bodyweight in Australia [2021]

Ranked 1st by Coefficient on Raw PL (regardless of fed) in Australia [2021]

Best Overall Men’s Powerlifting in Australia [2019]

14 Records (Nationals & Oceania Region) [2019]

Number 1 u74kg as a Junior and Open Division [2018-2019]

Competes under APU (Australian Powerlifting Union) an IPF (International Powerlifting Federation) Worldwide recognized Drug-Tested Federation

We are proudly sponsored by:

Hansu Power Fitness

Titan Australia

Virus International

Renaissance Periodization



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