Movement & Technique Coaching


ONLINE / FACE to FACE delivered Movement & Technique Coaching

[Initial discussion via Zoom / Social Platform of choice]

With the latest cutting edge methodology based on: Vector Analysis & Technical Annotations

We are here to help you progress on your technical proficiency and improve your overall movement quality.


What you have TO DO:

– Record your lifts (S B D) from Front, L/R Side 45° and L/R Side 90°

– Update Video every week for 1 Month from the start of payment

– Provide program progression (where present)


What you RECEIVE:

[Per Payment]

1) Technical progression guarantee or your money back

2) Identification of Injury and or Compensation pattern

3) Short & Long-term Adjustment

4) Exercise Recommendation (Corrective / Reinforcement)

5) Mobility and Warmup guide

5) Advice on Programming Progression

6) Future cueing to improve


Upload to YouTube and choose unlisted or share via Google Drive video attachment

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